Friday, September 4, 2009

Cricut crazy day.

So I spent my day at work, trying to prep for the Graphically Speaking Explore the Bug Zone class. I decided we are making this layout and doing the glass etching 9x9 picture frame. So I needed to kit up 6 layouts. I picked a pretty paper loaded the cartridge, adjusted my settings for pattern paper and hit "Cut". Do you think things went smoothly for me today? Well let me tell you they did not.

This little ABC frame was just a bugger today. I kept getting little pockets of crunched up paper near the n's. And then the corner would tear when I tried to take it off the mat. Now I can't expect people to just go with the flow here and glue the torn pieces back into place. Nope I'd hear about it for sure, so I ended up cutting like 10 of these to get 6 good ones. I tried changing the blade, adjusting the blade height on the housing, messing around with the pressure and speed. In the end I think I figured it out, but my gosh did I need to go through all that.

We had Freaky Friday at the store today and we were busy! So Sheri and I ran around like crazy but got everything done. Boy was I glad to see Sue at 5:30. Bye Bye Scrapbook Zone I'm off for the night. Too bad I'm right back there bright and early Saturday morning. Lets pray the Cricut gods are smiling on me tomorrow and every thing goes smoothly for my class.

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