Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Crafty Night...

Oh what fun. I like to listen to the tv while I scrap. It keeps me company. But the cable outet in my room doesn't work. Well it didn't anyway, till this afternoon. The poor guy can about 2 and was here till 4. He had to crawl up in the attic...over the duct work....and thru the blown in insulation. Ya it took a while but it was worth it. We also go a digital box for the main tv, now we can do PPV. Brendan rented "Bill & Ted's excellent adventure" great movie.

My sister Debbie and her kids came over tonight. Derek had a project to finish and they needed my craft stash. It was fun, I should have taken a picture of his cereal box it was cute. But Kaiti and I had fun making ATC's. She didn't know what they were till I told her. She caught on quick. Made 2 of her own to trade with friends at school. She wants to come over soon and make some more. They're quick and easy, instant gratification. Heres what we did, Kaiti made the bottom 2.

I also worked on a challenge LO from the AMR board. It's called a BAM challenge, "a Book about me." Challenge #9 was to scrap your husband/significant other. I started here because I knew I had a couple good pictures laying around. These were from 4th of July 1999. Notice the small black fur ball in the right picture. Yes thats Magenta when she was just about 12 weeks old. She's no longer with us. She developed cancer this summer and had to be put to sleep. I've stumbled across a few photos of her lately, I miss her, she was a great dog! I have another LO half finished on my desk. Hoping to finish it Thursday. My cousin is coming tomorrow. I'll be busy. Aren't we cute in these photos?? So much younger and thinner/more hair. lol Gotta love the man!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Good Dog???

Well that is a question not always easily answered. We had a really busy weekend and it started off with me going to work Friday morning. I left the house about 9:15am and asked our neighbor Julie to let Spencer out about lunch time. Imagine poor Julie's surprise when she entered my kitchen and found the dog belly deep in stuffing and cedar chips from his new dog bed. He spent the afternoon with the neighbors and I had to clean up the mess before I went off to work my hockey game. He must have been mad at us all weekend because that wasn't the only thing he chewed on. We installed the new dishwasher and he thought he'd inspect the insulation about the old one. Everyone needs to find insulation scattered about their yard. And then as if he hadn't been busy enough he tried to inspect the guts of his bed again today. He knows he's guilty cause as soon as you catch him he's tucked his tail and is off to hide. I love my puppy but if he doesn't improve his ways soon he my find himself sleeping on the cold hard plastic in the bottom of his crate. Lets hope his manners improve soon, like today!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Signs that Summer is over....

Sunday was a sad day in the Phillips household. Dairy Queen closed for the season. We had to go one last time. We made it just under the deadline, got there about 8:15pm. I couldn't get a pumpkin pie blizzard as they were out of pie crust crumbs so I made due with the old stand by "Banana Split". Oh so sad. We have one thats open year round but it's not the same. We will now have to wait till March when they open for the summer of 09'. It's difficult but a treat thats worth waiting for. Bring on the snow!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New Layouts! Woo Hoo!

Well it's been quiet a while since I actually scrapbooked. But on saturday it happened. I had a 12 hr crop to raise money for the Kids going to "Sea Camp" this winter and we only had 20 croppers so I had time to sit. It felt wonderful! All the girls laughed. I never sit and crop for myself, I usually run around helping everyone else and am busy with the food. But the Sea Camp kids were wonderfully helpful. The day could not have gone smoother. We raised about $600 for them and I did 2 layouts.

I also got to run out to Ann Arbor that evening to see Klye skate. He lived with us last winter when he played for the Michigan Ice Dogs. Now he's playing for the Marquette Rangers Jr. A program. He hasn't seen alot of playing time but he dressed and played. He played well. Coach should play him more. They lost is a shoot out 3-2. Good Game.

Heck #29, he's my favorite Ranger. Keep up the hard work kid!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Sunday Night at the Rink

We had a great weekend around the Phillips house. My Parents were down from Up North to do the Grand-Parent thing and we got to watch my Sister Debbie play in her first hockey game. She was so excited and the family was right there to support her. Everyone went her husband and 2 kids, our parents, me and my husband, her friend Wendy and her 2 girls and her buddy from work. She looked no worse the half the ladies out there, of course the comparrison is womens mini-mite hockey. Ha ha ha. I think it's tougher then she thought.

She had a little trouble stopping once and ran into the boards right below us. And she knew it before she even hit them and was already laughing and smiling at herself. I'm sure with practice she'll get better. Some of those other girls I'm not sure practice will help but it's a good laugh for the rest of us. She told us before the game she had one goal.......a trip to the box. She is a Szczepanic and has a reputation to uphold. We'll she didn't make it to the box but she made it look easy getting to the bench at the end of her shift. Way to go Debbie we're really proud of you. You are not as "Horrible" as your son said you were.

Such style and grace I can hardly contain myself.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Haunting creepy Friday nite....

Well what happens when the cross country girls have a team sleep over?? They TeePee Coaches house! This is what we woke up to Saturday morning. Rob tried to catch them, cause he heard what they wanted to do. We thought they were coming about 2 am so he called his buddies at the cop shop to do a 2 am driveby and harrass them. But they came early and when his alarm went off at 1:50 am the girls had already nailed us. Rumor has it they wanted to do more then just toilet paper but the Moms put a stop to that. Thank God. It was enough of a mess. I hope they had fun. I know I always did when I teepee'd my swim coaches house. Just the thrill of trying not to get caught. I love fall with all the crazyness Halloween can bring. I was just glad I had a crop on Saturday so I didn't have to clean up the mess. It filled the trashcan and we still have a little up in the tree that we couldn't reach. It'll come down sooner or later.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Flag Football!

One medium sized boy with flag in hand, makes boy very Happy. With a little encouragment from Mom, Brendan tried out for flag football this year. The night before the first game he wasn't sure he wanted to stay on the team. After the first game, "Mom I love this game!" His team is currently 4-1 with 3 games left in the regular season. He's already talking about next year. I'm so glad he's had a good time.
Now if only his hockey season was going as well. It's a young team and they have things they need to work on. They won their league opener against Dexter 5-2. I need to make a game. Which means I need to work less. This weekend will be busy, I have a 12hr crop on saturday, my parents are coming for the weekend, Brendan has a football game, Kyle will be in town with the Rangers for 2 games and Kaiti has a singing concert on sunday. Whew....tired already and I just listed everything. I'm off to finish cleaning for Patsy's (my Mom) arrival.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

One Crazy Weekend.

Well I survived. My weekend was so wacked out I'm not sure where to begin. My son had friday off school and I had to work. Sooo I hired my niece to babysit. Sam, she's the best. I had to be at the store at 9:45, made it on time. Worked till 2, it was unusually quiet for a "freaky friday". Then I jumped in the blazer for a trip to Burton (near Flint) for a Michigan Ice Dogs (MID) jr. hockey game. Should have stayed home. I think my kids did. We played so bad I'm embarrased to say "I'm with the team". I had lots of injuries on both sides and worked like crazy. Lost 9-2. OUCH! Then as if that wasn't bad enough, I needed gas before I drove an hour home. So I stopped at the Shell station. Got out my credit card and cash, so I could run in to Wendys and grab a bite to eat. Locked my keys in the car. Complete Dork! Well it cost me $55 and about 30 minutes. But I did get to eat.
Saturday we played much better and won. And Sunday, early game 10 am, oooohh real early. We played well as a team but goaltending was weak and we lost in a shoot out.
As I sit here tonight I'm dead tired and ready for bed. Just waiting for the kid to get home. I'm hoping for a semi productive day tomorrow but I'm doubting it. No MID hockey for 2 weeks, thank god.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Oh what a fun afternoon. I didn't get our my paper and scissors but my nippers and pliers. I recently ordered beads from Fusion Beads and pulled then out to make a pair earrings and then a bracelet. OHHHH I love them! The glass beads are the perfect fall colors! The second pair of earrings I made for my Aunt. When you take your Mom and Aunt to the Bead store they buy just enough stuff to make 2 pair of earrings each. They were so much fun to shop with. Sorry the second pair is a little blurry but its tough to zoom in on little things.

Lets hope the inspiration continues. Next week I'm taking a Christmas card class at one of our local srapbook stores. (Not the one I work for though....pssst. don't tell).

Have a great afternoon. I will now that I'm wearing my new stuff.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Just a couple favorites!

I wanted to post a couple favorite layouts so people can see my work. These are a couple I've done over the summer. The first one is of my niece Kaiti who I love dearly. I don't have a daughter so she allows me to use her and make girly pages.

I love brown and any color right now but "pink and brown" are fantastic together. This was just a collection of great photos I had of Kaiti. They really show off her personality. Shes a joy to have around.

This next one was a swap I participated in off the CKMB. 6x6 summer camping pgs. This is what I had to offer. One of these days I'll get around to doing all the pgs I received. The pictures were from a few years ago when we camped in Alabama with my cousin Mikie. Oh Look Kaiti is singing for us.....so typical. I think we watched a Kaiti show daily. If we were lucky we had beer while being forced to sit in the sun and watch. I'm pretty sure she has a hairbursh as a mike, wonder where she learned that.

Last one for today. This was a kit I put together for the store. It was a dynamic doubles workshop of quick and easy 2 pg spreads. I loved it. Used a variety of old Brendan photos in one layout that were just in a box. He is my" Super Star"!

Well I guess my next goal is to get better photos of my layouts. Or better yet learn how to scan them. Maybe single page shots for the next upload. Umm something to think about. I need to get upstairs and create some new layouts. I'll show off my room soon. First I have to clean it up a bit. lol

Monday, October 6, 2008

IN or OUT!

This is Spencer he's the newest member of our family. He is a Boxer-lab mix and will be about 30 lbs. We hope. We got him from the humane society in mid july. He was just too cute to leave there. I currently feel like his personal doorman. He "WOOFS" to go out and then "WOOFS" to come in. 50 times a day! Oh well I guess thats better then 50 accidents on the floor daily. He's pretty mild mannered. Just watch your toes. He's got a thing for nibbling on toes inside socks. If your missing socks he'll nip at your ankles. Funny little guy. Brendan is his favorite target. He looks like a little Tiger with his dark stripes on a tan body. You just gotta love him. Yes he has flaws....don't all puppies. He doesn't always listen well and if not clipped to this chain will run off investigating. Which would be OK if he came back when called. But no such luck. To him its a game of chase. So he ends up in his crate for a period of time when this happens. He'll learn sooner of later. Lets hope it's sooner.

Well I'm off for now. The girls on the AMR mb have inspired me to blog more often. We'll see how I do. I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you.