Saturday, November 29, 2008

Just for Kaiti

So today I worked on a 2 yr old wall hanging. No I haven't finished it. Who are you kidding. I'm realistic, it may take me 2 more years. I think I'll take it home and mess around with it. My Mom would be amazed it I actually finished it. This is the reason I scrapbook instead of quilt. Quilting projects take too long.

We also started our christmas pants. Kaiti and I both bought fun Christmas fleece at Jo's Wednesday night. We or let me say I, cut hers out and stitched them together.

Our favorite part of the pants is the zipped pocket. They fit her great, I hope mine fit as well.

I love our crafty post Thanksgiving adventures. This year it was all about fabric. My Sister Debbie finished new curtains for her kitchen. They are awesome. Great job Biffy.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday Shopping!!

Ahh a successful shopping excursion. See what happens when your at Wally World by 5:20am, you get your Cricut Expression!! Yeah!! We really did well. We came home with 30 movies (all between $2 and $13), 3 2gb SD cards, 6 4gb flash drives, 1 $49 printer, 1 Wii Rock Band game, a variety of clothes and misc. other things. Me, I'm just about done with my shopping, my Mom's just about done and my sister Debbie: who knows. Kaiti went but didn't make it...she fell asleep on the way to Kohls (40 min drive) and slept till we finished at Old Navy. We finished with a quick trip into JC Penny in Downtown Petoskey. Isn't it a pretty place?

It snowed most of the day. Sometimes really heavy. The trees were loaded and so pretty. I snapped a few pics off while driving just so I could share.

Tomorrow is a craft day here. We never made it to Jo's today. First time ever. Of course we went Wednesday night and saved $103 with coupons and sale items. We're such good shoppers. I started working on a wall hanging I began 2yrs ago. It might take another 2yrs to finish but we'll see what I accomplish tomorrow. Here's a peak:

Yes I have started to use a blanket stitch to attach the applique to the block. And now my neck hurts from leaning over and guiding around all the curves. I need advil and pumpkin pie. Later

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Well who doesn't like to eat. We certainly do. Patsy was up early and had the bird in the oven by 9. Good girl. When fully loaded our table was a sight to be seen.

Ahh I just love carrots in brownsugar and butter, mashed potatoes and gravy,

stuffing, sweet potatoes, rolls with butter,greenbean casserole, cranberry sauce,

and to finish it all off a little jello-marshmello salad.

This holiday is all about food and family. We shared our table with my Aunt Tootie, Uncle Doug and cousin Keith. I am truly thankful for my family. Enjoy yours today. Tomorrow we shop at 5am.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My fingers are tired...

I've spent 2 days sewing name plates and league patches on 21 hockey jerseys. I am unable to count the number of times I stabbed myself with a pin. I do know that I bled more then once yesterday. I think if given a choice I'd sew the patches and skip the name plates, they were a pain as the fabric of the jerseys is slinky. I certainly hope my hockey team appreciates all the time and blood it took to do this for them. My poor captain has been begging to have his "C" put on his jersey. So Corey this "C's" for you! He's a great Captain, Coach couldn't have picked a better guy.

I'm so glad to be done with the black jerseys. I can hardly wait to do the whites. Now that this project is finished I can get on to more crafty adventures.

Tomorrow I head North with my sister Debbie and niece Kaiti to spend Turkey Day with my Parental Units.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Blog Candy Alert!

Oh my! One of my AMR buddies posted this link for a blog candy give away. Awesome stuff. Heres what shes giving;

To enter you just need to go to her blog: and follow the instructions. I did will you? I hope I win. Wish me luck! Thanks.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Birthday Boy!

Well yesterday was my son Brendan's 11th Birthday. Where has the time gone. He had a pretty quiet birthday. I bought him his favorite lunch, subway 6" turkey on white with mayo. I can tell he's growing up, he's added cheese to his sandwich. Being the good Mom I am I took him chocolate chip cookies to school for a snack with his friends.

We took him to dinner, his choice, Red Robin of course. We've been going there for years now. He likes the birthday song they sing you. Goofy kid. We had lots of family join us, Mr & Mrs Phillips, Aunt Debbie, Uncle Dave, Kaiti, Derek, Aunt Teresa, Margaret, and Andrew. He made out with cards, cash and a gift card to Toys R Us. Which he promptly spent on the way home. We gave him his gift last week so he could use it on the road trip, a blue Ipod nano. Then when he got home Marybeth was there and she gave him a goody bag full of Pixie sticks and Wall-E. Not a bad day.

I love this picture of him. My friend Lindsay took it over the weekend, while he was skating in Fairview. I can't wait to scrap this one. He shares his special day with my Mom. When you have child #9 and there's 2 more on the way, you have to do it in a lasting way. She'll never forget his birthday. So Happy Birthday to Mom too.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Long Road Trip!

Well our first long road trip is now behind us. We played 2 games in Chicago (lost both) and then jumped on the bus at 5am sunday morning to head to Fairview Ill., just outside St. Louis, for game 3. What a game it was. We played our best game of the weekend and won in a shoot out. The trip went smoothly. We had no issues in the hotel, drunk parents don't count, we are not responsible for them. We had well behaved boys in the restaurants and a very clean bus the whole trip. I don't think we'll being eatting at a Texas Corral again, we had 4 kids become sick and throw-up on their chicken, one of those kids was Brendan. We had a couple injuries and a couple EJ's that resulted in players having to sit a game but thats all a part of hockey.

Brendan had a blast. He got to know the guys and become comfortable with them. When we arrived at the rink in Fairview we had about an hour and a half till warmups. The ice was empty so we asked if Brendan could skate. The guy gave us some skates in his size, he borrowed gloves and a stick from Kurtis and off he went. He entertained everyone with his Charlie Conway immatation (from the Mighty Ducks). Circle the puck twice, kick it with your foot, triple deek and shoot. He scored and showed off his victory dance. Great way to hype everyone up before the game.

The ride home was soooo long. It's about 9 hours. We arrived back in Plymouth at 2:15am to find our cars covered in snow and ice. Burrrr After unloading the bus and dropping Lindsay off we arrived home at 3. Brendan died quickly, me well it took a bit. We woke up at 11:15 monday morning. Just enough time for Brendan to eat and go to school for the afternoon. Just think we only have to make 2 more of these trips. February is gonna suck.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Layout finished!

It always feels good to finish a layout. This one has been on my desk for a week. I'm not sure why, all it needed was journaling. A couple quick lines and "wahlaa" done. I think my son really enjoyed playing flag football this year. It was something new and fit into our schedule perfectly. He only played defense but thats ok. He made a couple key plays during the season and hopefully learned enough that next year he can play a bigger role. His team did very well. They finished 2nd in regular season and were scored upon in the closing minute of championship game. They lost by 5 points. A real bummer. But many good memories. His next adventure is basketball. Hopefully they have a similar schedule and it won't conflict with hockey.

Well I'm off for the weekend to Chicago. The Ice Dogs have a 3 game road trip. I hope we play well. Wish us luck.

What happened to my desk??

I sat down to make 2 quick cards and this is what happened to my work surface. I craft bomb exploded! Holey moley how does it happen so fast? Thank God it only took a minute to clean back up.

So today I created 2 really cute birthday cards for two of my favorite people. They also happen to be born on the same day. Look at that. The first one is for my Mom. I used a sketch from the Cuttlebug challenge blog. Loving the patch work quilt pattern on the bottom. It reminds me of Patsy "the Quilter".

This card it for my kid, Brendan. He will turn 11 on Tuesday. Where did the time go? We are giving him his gift tonight. He gets a "blue" ipod nano. Lucky Boy! His old MP3 player won't sync with the computer any more, much to Mom's dismay, nor will it hold the music. It keeps crashing and all the music is "Poof" gone.

I'm so proud of myself. I do not consider myself a card maker, but these were so fun to make. I think I will be making many more in the future.

Happy Crafting!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Crop till you Drop Make-n-take

Kelly gave me the task of creating a layout for this past weekends Crop till you Drop event at the Scrapbook Zone. She said use the Reminise Fall paper line and some cardstock and go for it. So While at work on wednesday I did. This is what I came up with. I had fun with the cricut and my 12x12 printer at home to create the title.

So when I got home and looked at my photos, I decided I needed 2 more photo mats. Well when that happens you must edit your layout. I bumped the big mat to 5x7 and added 2 more 3x3 mats. I had some great photos to use that I'd taken last week on one of those Indian Summer days. I went to work the long way and drove down Hines Drive. Beautiful day, great photos at Nankin Mills. Here's my version of the layout.

I will miss those last few warm days. It looks like winters here already as it's been snow flurrying all day. I'm already looking forward to Easter.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Kaiti's challenge LO

I found a website called "Kids can Scrap" It's a challenge blog for kids that scrapbook. So after we went to see HS Musical 3 we thought Kaiti should give it a try. She found some photos she wanted to use, paper and dove right in. Here's what she created. (Just to clarify things Kaiti is my 12 yr old Niece.)
I love it. She did a great job. The pattern paper was some sale paper I picked up at the store this summer and die cut myself. She wrote about herself and added a poem. Here is her Journaling:

Hi I’m Kaiti and I am a 12 year old girl. I love theater singing and acting I am currently in Westside story Grease and Sussical jr. I am a very outgoing adventures and young spirited girl. I love my friends and of course my computer. Scrapooking with my aunt is fun. (She has all the good stuff). I also love writing. My teachers and friends say I’m really good at it. Here’s a poem: I hope you all like me. My family says I’m very funny. But don’t look me in the eye, or you’ll die of laughter on the inside.

I'm oh so proud of her. Her first scrapbook challenge layout. She wants to keep trying these as they are posted. Their we address is:

A Christmas Wonderland!

We have a wonderful tradition in our family. Every year the first weekend in November the girls all get together to go shopping. We meet my Mom in Saginaw and spend 2 days shopping and eating and just hanging out. It's a blast. This year we changed it up a bit. We met in Frankenmuth at Bronners. Bronners is the Biggest Christmas store you'll ever see. I forget the exact size but truly it's huge. With the most wonderful displays. I took some pictures to share.

The details in each figure are marvelous. I took this one of the Bambi because it has tiny quilt patterns in it. Amazing. There was a whole group of figurines like this. The Artist has amazing talent.
I also found some statues that reminded me of my Mom. Here Mrs. Claus is quilting and Mr Claus is helping out, yep by taking a nap. Sounds like Virgil to me. lol

And this one was for me. Mrs. Claus is Scrapooking. MInd you it's the old fashion way, before we discovered what acid and lignin did to pictures but she'll learn. She's clipping pictures from a magazine.
One trip there every few years is just fine with me. The place was jam packed. We were only in there about an hour and in that time frame it filled up. You could barely turn around without bumping into someone. It was fun for a short time and then I needed to get out of there. So we were off to Bavarian Inn for lunch. Frankenmuth is also famous for its chicken dinners. But we did lunch, it's cheaper and just as filling.

Our girls had a good time. We even got them to pose for a group photo. Lauren's on the left, then Kaiti and Sam's on the right. Giggling and laughing the whole time. I really enjoy this tradition. It's one I hope we continue for years to come.

Monday, November 3, 2008

An Army of Gobblins

Halloween is always the kids favorite day of the year. Well it ranks right there with Christmas Day. This year he decided to be an Army Guy, imagine that. Face all camo'd up and everything. A quick trip ti Halloween USA netted 3 tubes of the right colors and we were off to hide the boy in Camo. He decided to start at home, headed out the door and found his buddy Ashton and his little brother Logan. Oh lucky me, their Mom offered to take B with them and I got to sit on the porch with Rob and Spencer and pass out candy at our house. We had very few kids this year. We live on a street with a lot of houses that don't turn on their lights so the kids skip our side of the street. So sad. It means I don't buy alot of candy. We headed to my sisiter Debbie's aout 8 a went out again over there. Derek kills me he put on his girl costume again. Blonde curley wig, jeans skirt and a tank top that read "you can't afford me". I almost cry every year, the kids too funny.

I'm glad it's over, now we move onto the best holiday of the year....Thanksgiving! It's all about food and family. I'm ready to head Up North and do a whole lot of nothing for 4 days.
Well Tuedsay is the big day. Elections! Thank God. I'm ready for the political adds and phone calls to STOP. Please go vote. If you don't you have no right to bitch for the next 4 years.