Thursday, March 4, 2010

Wild Card Thursday.

I've been working with the Wild Card cartridge and here's what I've created. I found a card size guide over on the Cricut MB. It was done by a wonderful Cricuteer out of Georgia known as Mamma C, you can find the thread here.

When working on the cards I used only elements from that card page. So all the pieces for Card #1 can be found on pg 32 of the handbook. The cards are numbered so card 1 is on page 32 and so forth. It makes keeping track of the cards much easier.

Card #1 on page 32 of the handbook.

Card #2 pg 33

Card #3 pg 34

Card #4 pg 35

Card #5 pg 36

Card #7 pg 38

I skipped #6 because the envelope turned out too big so I need to remake it. I want you to double check any card on the list that says "Size adjustment". I followed the sizes listed, and used my Design Studio program and the envelope is 2 inches too big. So I'll go back and re-cut it the same size as the card. I have a few more done, just need the photos, so I'll post some more tomorrow along with a layout.

Get this cartridge out and play with it. It's great for layouts too.


Jenni said...

i love Wild card cartridge! Those are some great cards!

sammi said...

Love the cards with matching envelopes, Cindy!

Curt said...

I have something for you on my blog...just a little token of appreciation for your work!

erin lee creative said...

oh wow! these cards are great! I might need this cartridge!