Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Flat Stanley tours Detroit!

A friend off the Cricut message board asked for help with a Flat Stanley project for some 1st graders in Texas. There are some wonderful women on that board, she got over 75 volunteers. One from every state plus a few spares. So every child in 3 class rooms got to send a Stanley to someone. I took mine on a tour of Detroit today. A special thanks to my friend Kelly who went along for the ride today. First stop the Ambassador Bridge:

Funny story at the bridge. You use to be able to cruise by and then get back on the highway before the toll booth. NOT any more. We had to go the the booth and ask what to do. My friend did not have a passport on her to go to Canada. Thankfully this happens on a regular basis and they directed us to a "special" gate so we could get out. Great start to our adventure.

Next drive by: Hart Plaza.

And Cobo Hall.


 Joe Louis Arena- home of the Red Wings Hockey club.

The Renaissance Center.

The Spirit of Detroit. He occasionally wears a special "team" jersey. When a Detroit team wins a big game.

 The boys in Blue. Keeping our Downtown streets safe.

 A bus stop.

 The Eastern Wig and Hair company. We thought this was a very interesting store front.

 Comerica Park- home of the Detroit Tigers baseball franchise.

 The Fox theater- historic theater in downtown Detroit.

 The Hockey Town Cafe- great place to eat before or after aTigers game or Hockey game.

 Ford Field- home of the Detroit Lions. I'm not a fan but many people are- "Bless their hearts".

Stanley meets the Tiger outside the main entrance to Comerica. He almost got eaten we had to save him.

Back at home Stanley meets a praying mantis by my backdoor.

We had a ball driving around downtown. It doesn't happen very often and usually our husbands drive. We got turned around a few times but that just added to the fun. Stanley has visited a few other places while he was here. I'm making a little book to commemorate his visit and will be sending it back to Texas the beginning of next week. So glad I could help out.


GLOANN said...

Cindy, your student will be thrilled with the adventures his/her Flat Stanley enjoyed in Detroit. How nice of you to do something like this. I thought the "almost eaten by a tiger" was pretty funny.

Melissa said...

So nice of you to do this! You guys should have headed out to the 'burbs and I would have went with you to get a picture in front of the Palace of Auburn Hills too!