Monday, January 10, 2011

Clean and Purge

Well the first week of the New Year has come and gone. Did I make anything with paper and glue? Nope but I did clean my room. Here's a before shot or two.

OMG look at that mess! This isn't even as bad as it was. I spent some time in here recently and picked up a lot of the stuff that was on the floor.

EEEKKK! I can barely see the desk top. And I wonder why I can't get anything done.

And seriously two TV's? The one on the floor is the better one. Somethings gotta go.

OMG again with the bad desk. LOL

And 1 hour later. You can see the desk top. I even went to far as to get out the Lysol wipes and really cleaned it. Boy did it feel good. I also threw away a BIG bag of trash.  Ahhh you can even see the floor around my table.

Look the Expedite shelf is dust free and neat.

See the pretty clean desk top. Don't you just want to be creative here? I sure do. 

I have more work that needs to be done here but this was a great start. I threw away a bunch of stuff, started a give away bag and in general just put stuff away. (Please don't look to close at the left side, you can see the stack of cardstock on the floor. Oops a bit more work to do.) It feels good to start the New Year with a cleaning frenzy.

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