Friday, December 30, 2011


A Journey to Inspired Scrapbooking

So I signed up to take Stacy Julian's Twelve workshop over at Big Picture Classes. It sounds like such a cool class and I should get tons of layouts finished. So here is the blurp about the class:

Join our own Stacy Julian in January and together you'll kick off 2012 as a celebration of storytelling and scrapbooking. You will spend twelve weeks exploring topics that inspire meaningful stories and you will create lists, files and tools to organize your pictures, ideas and inspiration. You'll then use this organization as the wellspring for twelve layouts a month. Stacy will help you curate all that you've gathered and share creative exercises designed to keep you alert and noticing.
Together you'll wander playfully around the color wheel and use these twelve hues to challenge your inner designer and delight your inner critic. In addition to creating twelve layouts each month, you'll compile a 20-page, 12" x 12" scrapbook, appropriately titled, Twenty Twelve. This Photos I Love album will mark your monthly efforts and culminate a yearlong adventure in personal expression. Even after our classroom closes at the end of March, you'll continue to receive inspirational emails and bonus videos to help and encourage you in meeting your intentions and telling your story.
Stacy is a life-enthusiast and founder of online education at Big Picture Classes. She loves to engage in and teach the creative process of inspired scrapbooking, where awareness and authenticity spark pages and projects that truly satisfy. She is looking forward to twelve weeks, twelve topics, twelve colors and twelve months with YOU.

If you are interested you can still sign up! It's not too late. Click HERE.

Happy New Year!


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