Friday, September 11, 2009

Little Hockey Players!

How about a little Cricut help? I had some today. Roped my Niece Samantha into helping me with a little project today. Knew it was going to be a big job so we moved to the dining room table.

Here's a team of hockey players just waiting to be dressed. They still need helmets, gloves and emblems on their jerseys.
This would be the debris pile after making 18 Paper Doll Hockey players.

All dressed and ready to play. A bit of silver ink on their skate blades gave them a shine. I'm loving the face masks. The team emblem is a red Maple Leaf. They have sticks and pucks, we're ready to play.

A few close up shots of the players.

All skin tones were represented as well as different hair styles.

Some players are right handed and some left.
Tomorrow I'll take a picture of the finished center piece. It's going to be a hit at our getting to know you hockey gathering tomorrow.


Drew and Kristin said...

I absolutely love these hockey players! Too cute!!

Annalise said...

I also love hockey and these little guys are too cute!

Ms_Dee said...

Wow.....That was a lot of work.............Your project turned out great......TFS

Sharon Caudle said...

Oh they are sooooo stinkin' cute!!!! Love them!