Wednesday, September 9, 2009

One Messy room!

OK this is what happens when I'm in the middle of a great project. My scrap room looks like a bomb went off. A bomb full of paper scraps, adhesives, paper cutters and Cricut parts. I actually had to put my Cricut on the ironing board because I needed to use the 24 inch mat and it needed space to run thru the machine. Instant Cricut table just remove iron.

This is the major component of my project. A wickedly evil looking tree, complete with spider web. Someday I'll take a photo without all the crap in the background. Now I'm not showing all the parts and pieces today. Nor am I telling you what the finished product will be. All I'm going to say is your going to want to visit The Scrapbook Zone in October and take the Explore the Bug Zone class.

Here's another little piece of the puzzle. A cute little black cat and a creepy spider. Both made with the Cricut and a white marker. The "googlie" eye's are my new favorite. It makes them look store bought and not home made.

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Jingle said...

That tree is so cool! I love it! I can't wait to see the finished product!!!