Monday, May 2, 2011

All Things Potter Day 2!

Well I didn't know it but today is National Harry Potter Day. Over on Facebook they are celebrating the day Voldemort's downfall, May 2nd. So in honor of that I will be showcasing the man himself: Harry Potter! He even has the lighting bolt scar, it's under his hair so you can't see it. But trust me it's there. 

Once again the patterns are from Designs on Cloud 9. The set is called Wizards World. You can head over to Facebook and like Michelle's site over there too. It's the easiest way to stay up with new happenings. Just tell her Cindy P. sent you. When she reaches a 1000 fans she's going to give away 3 great gift cards to her site and some free patterns to all her fans. Go check it out!!

Happy Crafting and here's to a Voldemort free world!


1 comment:

2 Ducky said...

There is a HP day? Really?! Wait til' my son hears about THAT! :) Watch he'll be thinking that he gets a repeat of a honeydukes basket or something. This is fantastic. Off to go put your name in so you can win. Good luck and awesome work!