Saturday, November 26, 2011

Simple Layout Saturday!

Here is my layout for Saturday November 26th. Sorry I missed last week. I had a layout almost done and didn't take any pictures of it before I got busy with cleaning. The day slipped by I didn't realize I forgot to post. Duhhhh. So here is this weeks.

If you're seeing a theme here you're catching on pretty quick. I'm using my Simple Layout Saturdays to get a good start on my son's Civil War reenactment album.This one is about the Rapid Re-load contest at the Wolcott Mill event. It was very interesting to watch. They had to run thru the contest twice, first time to weed out half the crowd. The same guy won both times. He was quick!

Have a wonderful Saturday!


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pojjo said...

This is lovely :D
Hugs From sweden