Sunday, December 7, 2008

Cozy Sunday Night

Well we had a very chilly Sunday here. Rob and Brendan had to get the snow blower out and clean off the drive. They took Spencer out with them and when they finished they let him run a bit. He loves to take off into the neighbors yard then play chase when it's time to come in. Brendan finally caught him and dragged him in by the collar. He likes the snow. I can't wait till it reaches his belly and then watch him run in it.

Brendan had a lazy day. Spent most of it right here on his couch. He did find enough energy to go to Hockey practice. But after a hot shower and Chinese he was ready to veg again.

Rob's idea of a chilly sunday night is to light a fire. Our first one of the season. There's nothing like a fire and a funny movie. We watched Anchor Man and laughed so hard we cried. This is one of the few things we look forward to when winter arrives. Cozy fires and a good movie. But I could live with just the movie and NO freezing cold weather.

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