Thursday, December 11, 2008

In the Mail! Feeling good.

Well last night I was really productive. I took the boy to hockey practice and while there I addressed all my Christmas cards. Done! Stamps go on and they are in the mail. This years card features 2 photos from our trip to Wisconsin this past summer. We were on our way home and spent the night in St.Ignance in a little campground, that had a view of the bridge. We went for a walk down by the water and took these shots. We look like we were having a really good time but in reality we were being eatten alive by misquitos. We were laughing and trying to get the heck out of there and back into the safety of our camper. I had to include a shot of our newest family member, Spencer. So he's in one photo. And then just a cute shot of "B".

I love getting Christmas photo cards from our friends. It lets us see how everyone is growing up and maybe what they did that year. For some of our family and friends our card is the one time of year they see us. I wish I could write one of those funny Christmas letters but alas it's not in me. There's still time you can get yours out today.

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