Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Demo done...

I'd like you all to see our supervisor. He's doing a "bark up" job. Thank god the messy parts over, right? Ohhh I know we have lots to go.

This is our lovely fireplace. I can't wait for it to be gone. It needs a face lift almost as much as Joan Rivers.

Now someone tell me why Rob thinks this projects is going to cost him more every time he turns around? I think we are right on budget. And yes I had planned on ripping out the 15 plus year old carpet right from the beginning. The padding underneath was disintegrating. Time to go! Gone. :)

Full dumpster. I won't tell anyone that Debbie snuck some stuff in there when Dave wasn't looking. That's what he gets for taking a nap on Saturday afternoon. Rumor has it their garage is cleaner.

What lovely hardwood floors we ended up with. Too bad they weren't in better shape, I'd have saved them. No such luck, they will be covered over with new carpet.

OK is anyone placing bets on how long it will take to put it back together? I want in on that pool. I'm hoping for 2-3 weeks. Not 2-3 months. Virgil and Patsy are due in today so that should help. Off to finish cleaning up, and preparing to have visitors for 10 days.

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