Saturday, June 6, 2009

The work crew multiplies...

Well Friday may have been my birthday but there was work to be done and breakfast to be had. We started our day off eating at Leon's. Good omlettes! Rob took the day off so we could get a jump on hanging dry wall. Debbie played hokey and went in late so she could join us. She's always entertaining, her Kaiti stories are good right now as Kaiti is 6 months into being a teenager.

Then the supervisor was waiting for us slackers at home and we began the "hanging of the ceiling". OH what fun. My parents arrived on Tuesday and they are ever so helpful. Ya just gotta love Virgil and Patsy.

Virgil was busy running electrical, cable and phone lines for us. Thank god my Dad's an electrician. He saves us time and money. I did feel bad about leaving a mess in Marybeth's room. It sucks to be the cellar dweller when they are taking apart your ceiling to drill holes and forget to clean up the mess. So sorry MaryB.

Let me just tell you all right now, rent the drywall lift when doing ceilings. It saved us so much neck ache and sore shoulders. Up it went pretty quickly too. Measure, cut, spread glue, lift, fit into place and screw. That simple.

On Saturday we started hanging the walls. Our buddy Erol stopped in to lend a hand, and some muscles for holding drywall in place. And up went some walls. We moved right along even though our supervisor was laying down on the job.

We took a break mid afternoon to watch Brendan's baseball game, (they won 13-3) and while we were gone Patsy and Virgil hung the corner sheet of drywall. They just can't take a break.

We have some wall work to finish on Sunday. Hopefully the drywall guy comes by to say when he can mud and tape. I can't wait. I'm ready to paint and install carpet. But first things first, finish hanging drywall. Ugh one more day.

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