Tuesday, June 16, 2009


What a busy 2 weeks we've had. We got all the drywall installed and Matt "the drywall guy" did our mudding and taping. Yeah, he finished on Saturday so we started painting on Sunday. Thank god my parents decided to stay an extra day. With their help we got two coats of primer on the walls and ceiling.

Look at what a beautiful wall we have. Love the look of unpainted drywall.

My father is so proud of his carpentry skills. He built this wonderful fireplace surround with me designing on the fly. And sometimes the vision wasn't conveyed well so we struggled trying to get the image out of my head and built. I wanted inset glass tiles and found this tan-brown pattern at Home Depot. With a little dark tan grout we ended up with a fantastic "Bling" look on the front.

When one needs weight to hold down the glued panels you use what you have, bowling balls. They worked great. It's a good look isn't it?

And today the first coat of paint went on the walls. This was the first wall done, 2 1/2 hours later I finished. Whew...what a day. The only good thing is my arms are getting one heck of a workout lately.

Tomorrow I'll show you the finished (prepainted) fireplace and the walls all done. Now I have to order the carpet. Sorry Rob but it may cost a few dollars.

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