Friday, December 5, 2008

It's Friday!

Well just a little something to get our friday going. I found this little cutie at Jo's for half off. I think I paid $6 for it. I just fell in love with the little truck and tree. It reminded me of one of my favorite stamps from SU. Truly I'm a pick-up truck woman at heart.

Well being that it's Friday I must be getting ready to head to the Ice Rink. And that is true. Today's game is in Burton, just east of Flint. It will take us about 90 minutes to get there with traffic. It should be exciting. We played this team twice last weekend and lost 2 but with lots of excitement both on and off the ice. I missed it all as I was Up North but I'll recap it for you. It seems one of our little lovelies trip a kid behind the play, the ref's missed it, and their Coach went ballistic. He got booted from the game and took the action verbally around the end of the rink. Well he got into it with a couple of our parents and a fist fight started. From what I'm told about 20 people were involved and the cops were called. It even involved 2 Mom's, the Mom from our team decked the other lady. The cops saw everything on the security tapes. 20 tickets were issued and our Mom had assault & battery charges filed against her. Craziness!! The next night we played there and the cops were on hand just in case. I can't wait to see what happens tonight.

My god I love hockey! Have a great weekend. I'll let ya know if there's any excitement.


Jingle said...

That little plaque is adorable!

~Telah said...

Hi there. I'm Telah from over on Kids Can Scrap. Your niece (I believe) won one of our prizes! Could you email me a mailing address so I can get it in the mail to her?