Thursday, December 4, 2008

Just a little pick me up.

Well today I'm feeling like crap. I should be finishing some scrapbook pgs for a friend and sewing nameplates on jerseys, but alas I'm sitting on the couch. My face feels like it's going to explode and the Kleenex box is now only half full. So I took a couple pics of my favorite Christmas decoration. I put it up today. I'm hoping it makes me feel better. I made this about 12 years ago. It was one of those multi year projects.

It's all in the details. Santa holding a branch with gold lamay stars. His mitten covered hand pulls a tree. While his sleeves and coat are trimmed in white fur.

The border is little Christmas trees all machine quilted about the edges. Time consuming but one of our favorite Holiday decorations.

Well this post is making me feel a little better. Maybe it's time to hit the shower and get some work done. More holiday decorations to follow.


angie worthington said...

your wall hanging looks great!...i hope it has lifted your spirits...hope you get feeling better soon, tis the season for sniffles & coughs (urgh!)...

Anonymous said...

I remember well the making of Santa. I still like it also. Love Mom