Wednesday, March 18, 2009

For the love of the game!

Brendan's new sport love is Basketball. He's getting pretty good too. The Lathers JV team is improving by leaps and bounds. What a difference from last week. We took so many more shots and passed the ball with confidence. There's still a couple kids that telegraph their pass and it gets turned over but it's happening with much less frequency. Thank God! Last night the team won 23-19 and our Brendan had 4 points.

Brendan's defense is improving too. He had 5 steals and if he could have made a layup would have had a few more points. He did manage to get an offensive rebound and make his jumper.

Having a hoop in the driveway and playing "21" with him all weekend payed off nicely. He followed his shot and crashed the boards well. This weekend we are going to work on that layup.

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