Sunday, March 15, 2009

Shoebox Card Challenge

OK so the AMR card challenge that was put forth said, "Gather your card making supplies and put them into a shoebox/basket. Everything must fit into the box except your cutter. Cutters are usually too big to fit into a box. Now go some place other then where you usually create your cards. Yes move to a different location.

OK I can do this. Well I didn't have a shoebox but I did have this really cool "Fat Tire Ale" box. Just a bit taller then a shoebox. And these were the supplies I fit into it. I tried to prep some stuff I knew I'd want, like the scalloped circles and white embossed circles for stamped images. I use these all the time so to have a stash of them, makes card making go much faster.

This was card #1.

A close up of the scalloped circle. I'm in love with the little monkey. So I bought a few lately and plan on using them, a lot!

And this is #2. I didn't take a close up of the sentiment and little frogs but they are cute too. And pop dotted to give them added dimension.

My goal was some "boy" cards. Girl cards are easy, boy cards are harder. They can be cute but not frilly. I also was aiming for some generic ones. Ones that could be converted easily for birthdays or just used as every day mailers. Success I'd say.

Go ahead and challenge yourself. What supplies do you need? Find a different place to create and see what happens.

Happy Sunday!

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PaperCrank said...

Love the results from the challenge, Cindy! Great cards!