Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Almost done.

Well yesterday we moved one step closer to finishing our living room remodel. The furniture was delivered. I'm in love with it. I actually feel we have fruniture that fits the room. We need to finish the windows and get draperies, buy the flat screen and bookcases for the fireplace and figure out the lighting situation. But over all it's progressing nicely.

The sectional is just awesome isn't it? it gives us so much more seating and better viewing of the tv.

Spencer is adjusting and so is Rob. He settled into his new recliner with ease. Kicked back and clicker in hand.

How nice it is to sit in the living room again.


yun said...

i love ur creativity!!

Jessica said...

Lovely Cindy! My honey would be saying, "Hey, don't you think we need a bigger tv to fill that space?" lol Love the new furnature. Especially what I'm assuming is 'your' chair. Your 4 legged baby was very interested in what you were doing! Enjoy