Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I'm Home!

Well we started our adventure in Traverse City. And when in TC in July you must attend the Cherry Festival. So we did. It was "Heroes Day" and they were honoring all the people who protect us, Armed services to Police and Fire. Uncle Pat and Aunt Mikie both registered as heroes so we took our picture with Uncle Pat. He keeps us safe as the Fire Chief of Grand Traverse County.

We enjoyed our visit there but moved on to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and stayed at Muskallonge Lake State Park, right on the shores of Lake Superior. Very chilly lake especially when it's only in the upper 60's. Didn't stop Kaiti from collecting some awesome rocks.

We all had a good time "Rock Hounding" even Spencer. He likes the beach and taking walks in the woods. It even better if Mom lets him off his leash.

Tahquamenom Falls was beautiful and we got some great pictures.

But Oswald's Bear Ranch might have been the coolest place we went. We got to have our picture taken with a bear cub. He ate fruitloops right out of my hand. They have over 30 rescued bears on the ranch. They live in wonderful large, natural habitats and are well taken care of. We spent a couple hours roaming around watching the bears.

And finally the highlight of the trip. Patsy and Virgil 50th wedding anniversary party. Aren't they a cute couple?

We had over 40 people for dinner at Audie's restaurant in Mackinac City. We got our picture taken a million times, including this one with my cousins: (L to R)Debbie, Keith, Veronica, Mikie, Cindy and Scott.

We had a wonderful vacation and it is nice to be home. We did have two extra children this year, Kaiti and Derek. My sister is so lucky to have me as her sister. I took her kids for 2 weeks. And I enjoyed it.

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Unknown said...

Wow, cute little bear. Looks like you had a great vacation!