Thursday, July 30, 2009

A book about Me.

So my buddies over on the AMR message board have started a new challenge. Every week to 10 days, Abby posts a prompt and/or scrapliftable layout to encourage us to scrap about ourselves. So I've done 2 of the 3 and thought I'd share them with everyone.

The first one was to share things that bring you Joy or make you smile. Here's mine:

The second one was a "To do" list. You can't see it in the picture well but basically it's a run down of typical day. I started with waking up and moved on in to letting the dog out 50 times a day. It reads let Spencer out~ a couple more items and then lets Spencer in~ yep a million times a day. I'll look back on it and laugh.

I've even found a couple recent pictures of me to use. Amazing pictures of me. More to follow as they are produced.

Be sure to check in tomorrow and I'll be posting a bunch of "Life's a Beach" items that were made for the Scrapbook Zones "Explore the Bug Zone" class.

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