Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Christmas Wonderland!

We have a wonderful tradition in our family. Every year the first weekend in November the girls all get together to go shopping. We meet my Mom in Saginaw and spend 2 days shopping and eating and just hanging out. It's a blast. This year we changed it up a bit. We met in Frankenmuth at Bronners. Bronners is the Biggest Christmas store you'll ever see. I forget the exact size but truly it's huge. With the most wonderful displays. I took some pictures to share.

The details in each figure are marvelous. I took this one of the Bambi because it has tiny quilt patterns in it. Amazing. There was a whole group of figurines like this. The Artist has amazing talent.
I also found some statues that reminded me of my Mom. Here Mrs. Claus is quilting and Mr Claus is helping out, yep by taking a nap. Sounds like Virgil to me. lol

And this one was for me. Mrs. Claus is Scrapooking. MInd you it's the old fashion way, before we discovered what acid and lignin did to pictures but she'll learn. She's clipping pictures from a magazine.
One trip there every few years is just fine with me. The place was jam packed. We were only in there about an hour and in that time frame it filled up. You could barely turn around without bumping into someone. It was fun for a short time and then I needed to get out of there. So we were off to Bavarian Inn for lunch. Frankenmuth is also famous for its chicken dinners. But we did lunch, it's cheaper and just as filling.

Our girls had a good time. We even got them to pose for a group photo. Lauren's on the left, then Kaiti and Sam's on the right. Giggling and laughing the whole time. I really enjoy this tradition. It's one I hope we continue for years to come.

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