Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Birthday Boy!

Well yesterday was my son Brendan's 11th Birthday. Where has the time gone. He had a pretty quiet birthday. I bought him his favorite lunch, subway 6" turkey on white with mayo. I can tell he's growing up, he's added cheese to his sandwich. Being the good Mom I am I took him chocolate chip cookies to school for a snack with his friends.

We took him to dinner, his choice, Red Robin of course. We've been going there for years now. He likes the birthday song they sing you. Goofy kid. We had lots of family join us, Mr & Mrs Phillips, Aunt Debbie, Uncle Dave, Kaiti, Derek, Aunt Teresa, Margaret, and Andrew. He made out with cards, cash and a gift card to Toys R Us. Which he promptly spent on the way home. We gave him his gift last week so he could use it on the road trip, a blue Ipod nano. Then when he got home Marybeth was there and she gave him a goody bag full of Pixie sticks and Wall-E. Not a bad day.

I love this picture of him. My friend Lindsay took it over the weekend, while he was skating in Fairview. I can't wait to scrap this one. He shares his special day with my Mom. When you have child #9 and there's 2 more on the way, you have to do it in a lasting way. She'll never forget his birthday. So Happy Birthday to Mom too.

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