Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Layout finished!

It always feels good to finish a layout. This one has been on my desk for a week. I'm not sure why, all it needed was journaling. A couple quick lines and "wahlaa" done. I think my son really enjoyed playing flag football this year. It was something new and fit into our schedule perfectly. He only played defense but thats ok. He made a couple key plays during the season and hopefully learned enough that next year he can play a bigger role. His team did very well. They finished 2nd in regular season and were scored upon in the closing minute of championship game. They lost by 5 points. A real bummer. But many good memories. His next adventure is basketball. Hopefully they have a similar schedule and it won't conflict with hockey.

Well I'm off for the weekend to Chicago. The Ice Dogs have a 3 game road trip. I hope we play well. Wish us luck.