Monday, November 3, 2008

An Army of Gobblins

Halloween is always the kids favorite day of the year. Well it ranks right there with Christmas Day. This year he decided to be an Army Guy, imagine that. Face all camo'd up and everything. A quick trip ti Halloween USA netted 3 tubes of the right colors and we were off to hide the boy in Camo. He decided to start at home, headed out the door and found his buddy Ashton and his little brother Logan. Oh lucky me, their Mom offered to take B with them and I got to sit on the porch with Rob and Spencer and pass out candy at our house. We had very few kids this year. We live on a street with a lot of houses that don't turn on their lights so the kids skip our side of the street. So sad. It means I don't buy alot of candy. We headed to my sisiter Debbie's aout 8 a went out again over there. Derek kills me he put on his girl costume again. Blonde curley wig, jeans skirt and a tank top that read "you can't afford me". I almost cry every year, the kids too funny.

I'm glad it's over, now we move onto the best holiday of the year....Thanksgiving! It's all about food and family. I'm ready to head Up North and do a whole lot of nothing for 4 days.
Well Tuedsay is the big day. Elections! Thank God. I'm ready for the political adds and phone calls to STOP. Please go vote. If you don't you have no right to bitch for the next 4 years.

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