Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fabric and the Cricut!

Today was a Cricut project day and I explored cutting fabric with my Cricut. I've been reading up and it and was told to use Heat and Bond Ultra so off to JoAnn's I went. I picked up the Heat and Bond Ultra with a 40% off coupon and bought enough to last a good long while (5 yards). I also picked up a cute brown canvas tote bag to use in my sample. The fabrics I already had at home, but they are just "Fat Quarter" pieces I've collected.

Next I laid out my cuts on the Cricut DS so I knew how big to cut my fabric pieces. I then cut pieces of the Heat and Bond and ironed them on to the wrong side of my fabric.

(Note to self: place something under the fabric like wax paper. Then if the heat and bond is bigger you won't get it onto your ironing board.) Hold it in place for about 6-10 seconds, moving the iron around but making sure to cover everything well.

My first cut was with the paper backing on.

I got good results. The fabric stayed in place and cut all the way thru. I do want to say I used a brand new mat and blade. I felt maximum stickiness and sharpness were a must.

My second cut I didn't have the same results. The fabric moved off the backing and resulted in some bad cut spots. I fixed those with my scissors. Time to try removing the paperbacking.

Great results. Just make sure your placing the fabric down carefully on the mat. You DO NOT want air bubbles under the fabric.

GREAT results. Perfect cut images.

I placed the pieces on the canvas bag where I wanted them. I covered the whole project carefully with the piece of backing I removed from my last cut and ironed the pieces in place. Double check to make sure everything is adhered well and touch up any places you might have missed.

The finished project!

Would you take a class to learn how to cut fabric with your Cricut and make this super cute bag?


Kelley Popp said...

The bag looks great. I hope we have access this type of bag and the fabrics through a distributor so we can make it in a class at the store. I think folks would love it.

Patsy Robinson said...

Hey good job on your organization, Your step by step instructions were really good. Aren't you glad you had all those fat quarters! Mom

Misty Miller said...

Love your project!! Thanks for the tutorial.