Saturday, February 7, 2009

Life on the Road!

Just in case your wondering what it's like to travel with 20 hockey players, I'll give you a glimpse into that world. We left yesterday for Chicago, game 1 of a 3 game road stint. Boys were good, we watched 2 movies and stopped for lunch in Michigan City. We made good time and actually made it to the hotel with 2 hrs to spare. We played a game and then back to the hotel for pizza. Yes we ordered 12 pizzas to feed 19 boys and 4 adults.

Bed checks were at 12:30 am and lights out was at 2am. I actually threatened them about leaving their rooms after bed checks. You see we have a couple boys who are 19 and feel they don't have to follow the rules, well and unfortunately they are the ones who's girlfriends follow us on road trips. But on this trip everyone was good on Friday night and there were no consequences to be had. Thanks god. I needed everyone to play on Saturday but would have sat anyone who broke the rules. Terry, our fearless leader, didn't have much trust in the boys and kept watch till about 1:30am. Oh too funny when I peaked out into the hallway. He was sitting on a chair reading the paper. I think he had too many Bacardi and diets.

Breakfast is always entertaining. To see who stumbles out of their rooms and makes an appearance, who will break the hotels waffle maker or spill their juice. It happens regularly.

Well and then there's always the bus driver. Why is it they are always named James?? And how is it we always manage to get a little turned around? Today was no exception. We followed map quest's route and some how ended up on a two lane road in the middle of Illinois. Not too bad till we hit a road closed sign with no posted detour. Thank god James is road savvy and got us back on track. He is an entertaining older gentleman with a good sense of humor.

Lunch time couldn't have arrived sooner. We entered beautiful downtown Danville about 2:00 and had arranged lunch at "The Deluxe Restaurant". We have never been here before and when I asked about the place was informed this. "The whole leagues been eating here." Well OK then. In we went. This was the sign outside. Hummmmm.

I had a lot of small town charm with old wide plank flooring and faded wallpaper. It got us all wondering what we had gotten ourselves into. But the waitress was charming and the spaghetti was hot and yummy. The only complaint was not enough bread sticks. I can live with that. Best of all the bill only came to $138. Not bad to feed a family of 23.

So here I sit in a questionable Comfort Inn about 10 minutes from the rink. I think it will be OK The bed is comfortable and the place smells clean. I can only hope we play as well as last night but come out with a win.

I'll try and update again tomorrow with some more tidbits about life with the boys. And maybe a few good pictures to help you get the whole picture.

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