Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Down and Out!

Well I've been quiet for a week or so and this is why. I got a cold and then sneezed so much and so hard I threw my back out. Yes I know, I worked in the physical therapy dept for years and I should know how to treat myself. But really, when it's you it's different. So I ran to see the Chiropractor ASAP. He's awesome and his "voodoo" always helps. He helped! I went to Adrian and watched a hockey game the first night, saw him again Friday am. Worked 6 1/2 hrs Friday, just couldn't make 8. Saw him again Saturday am, worked 7 hrs and then a hockey game. My big problem is sitting. I'm much better if I'm up and walking. I worked a hockey game again Sunday. Saw Dr. again Monday and worked 5 hrs. It's just sitting that kills. So heres the problem: I have to ride 5 hours on Friday to Chicago for a game and then to Danville on Saturday for another one. Oh and I'm riding a bus! Ouch! We"ll see how I do. I'm better and praying it's gone by Friday.

Today I made home made Mac-n-cheese with tuna and peas for dinner. It smells so good. I can't wait to have dinner at work tonight. Rob will be happy he doesn't have to eat pizza out of the concession standt.

I'm hoping to get up and moving so I can finish a few projects and have something fun to post in the next couple days. Later!

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