Thursday, February 12, 2009

Water front property??

Well who knew. Rob did but usually we open the drain and it doesn't get this bad. In the winter we like to plug the storm drain and let the yard flood. Then when "Mother Nature" freezes everything the kids end up with an awesome skating rink. It happened last year about the same time. But it wasn't quite as bad. This is what happens when it turns 60 out and you've had tons of snow, oh and then it rains for a whole day.

We live near Hines Drive. It's part of our county parks system and is used as a natural flood plain. The road is frequently shut down due to flooding but this is a bit crazy.

There is a small river just to the left of the pic. Normally you can barely see it for the road above. But today, I just had to take a pic of the flood. The weather is suppose to change too and freeze. Perfect timing. The kids are off school next week and a frozen yard will keep them out of my hair and very happy. Guess I need to get his outside skates sharpened. When this freezes over the kids will have almost a 1/2 acre of rink. They just love to skate thru the trees and over the volleyball court.

Well I'm off to be crafty. Got started on my "woodland Creatures" ATC's last night and I can't wait to finish them.


Sherry said...

Wow! That'salottawater! I don't know where you are, but reminds me of my days in Washington state! Hope you've dried off by now! =]

Unknown said...

That's alotta water! ;)