Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Crafty Night...

Oh what fun. I like to listen to the tv while I scrap. It keeps me company. But the cable outet in my room doesn't work. Well it didn't anyway, till this afternoon. The poor guy can about 2 and was here till 4. He had to crawl up in the attic...over the duct work....and thru the blown in insulation. Ya it took a while but it was worth it. We also go a digital box for the main tv, now we can do PPV. Brendan rented "Bill & Ted's excellent adventure" great movie.

My sister Debbie and her kids came over tonight. Derek had a project to finish and they needed my craft stash. It was fun, I should have taken a picture of his cereal box it was cute. But Kaiti and I had fun making ATC's. She didn't know what they were till I told her. She caught on quick. Made 2 of her own to trade with friends at school. She wants to come over soon and make some more. They're quick and easy, instant gratification. Heres what we did, Kaiti made the bottom 2.

I also worked on a challenge LO from the AMR board. It's called a BAM challenge, "a Book about me." Challenge #9 was to scrap your husband/significant other. I started here because I knew I had a couple good pictures laying around. These were from 4th of July 1999. Notice the small black fur ball in the right picture. Yes thats Magenta when she was just about 12 weeks old. She's no longer with us. She developed cancer this summer and had to be put to sleep. I've stumbled across a few photos of her lately, I miss her, she was a great dog! I have another LO half finished on my desk. Hoping to finish it Thursday. My cousin is coming tomorrow. I'll be busy. Aren't we cute in these photos?? So much younger and thinner/more hair. lol Gotta love the man!

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Scraprageous said...

great cards - the chocolate one is sooooo true ;)