Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Long Road Trip!

Well our first long road trip is now behind us. We played 2 games in Chicago (lost both) and then jumped on the bus at 5am sunday morning to head to Fairview Ill., just outside St. Louis, for game 3. What a game it was. We played our best game of the weekend and won in a shoot out. The trip went smoothly. We had no issues in the hotel, drunk parents don't count, we are not responsible for them. We had well behaved boys in the restaurants and a very clean bus the whole trip. I don't think we'll being eatting at a Texas Corral again, we had 4 kids become sick and throw-up on their chicken, one of those kids was Brendan. We had a couple injuries and a couple EJ's that resulted in players having to sit a game but thats all a part of hockey.

Brendan had a blast. He got to know the guys and become comfortable with them. When we arrived at the rink in Fairview we had about an hour and a half till warmups. The ice was empty so we asked if Brendan could skate. The guy gave us some skates in his size, he borrowed gloves and a stick from Kurtis and off he went. He entertained everyone with his Charlie Conway immatation (from the Mighty Ducks). Circle the puck twice, kick it with your foot, triple deek and shoot. He scored and showed off his victory dance. Great way to hype everyone up before the game.

The ride home was soooo long. It's about 9 hours. We arrived back in Plymouth at 2:15am to find our cars covered in snow and ice. Burrrr After unloading the bus and dropping Lindsay off we arrived home at 3. Brendan died quickly, me well it took a bit. We woke up at 11:15 monday morning. Just enough time for Brendan to eat and go to school for the afternoon. Just think we only have to make 2 more of these trips. February is gonna suck.

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Cami Collazo said...

Glad to hear that, despite the food issues, the kids had a blast during the trip, especially Brendan. He looked quite ecstatic on the ice! I’m sure that he did his best on the ice field. I do hope that you guys would have more road trips in the future. Being on the road and seeing lots of beautiful places are always fun!