Thursday, October 16, 2008

Flag Football!

One medium sized boy with flag in hand, makes boy very Happy. With a little encouragment from Mom, Brendan tried out for flag football this year. The night before the first game he wasn't sure he wanted to stay on the team. After the first game, "Mom I love this game!" His team is currently 4-1 with 3 games left in the regular season. He's already talking about next year. I'm so glad he's had a good time.
Now if only his hockey season was going as well. It's a young team and they have things they need to work on. They won their league opener against Dexter 5-2. I need to make a game. Which means I need to work less. This weekend will be busy, I have a 12hr crop on saturday, my parents are coming for the weekend, Brendan has a football game, Kyle will be in town with the Rangers for 2 games and Kaiti has a singing concert on sunday. Whew....tired already and I just listed everything. I'm off to finish cleaning for Patsy's (my Mom) arrival.

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