Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Just a couple favorites!

I wanted to post a couple favorite layouts so people can see my work. These are a couple I've done over the summer. The first one is of my niece Kaiti who I love dearly. I don't have a daughter so she allows me to use her and make girly pages.

I love brown and any color right now but "pink and brown" are fantastic together. This was just a collection of great photos I had of Kaiti. They really show off her personality. Shes a joy to have around.

This next one was a swap I participated in off the CKMB. 6x6 summer camping pgs. This is what I had to offer. One of these days I'll get around to doing all the pgs I received. The pictures were from a few years ago when we camped in Alabama with my cousin Mikie. Oh Look Kaiti is singing for us.....so typical. I think we watched a Kaiti show daily. If we were lucky we had beer while being forced to sit in the sun and watch. I'm pretty sure she has a hairbursh as a mike, wonder where she learned that.

Last one for today. This was a kit I put together for the store. It was a dynamic doubles workshop of quick and easy 2 pg spreads. I loved it. Used a variety of old Brendan photos in one layout that were just in a box. He is my" Super Star"!

Well I guess my next goal is to get better photos of my layouts. Or better yet learn how to scan them. Maybe single page shots for the next upload. Umm something to think about. I need to get upstairs and create some new layouts. I'll show off my room soon. First I have to clean it up a bit. lol

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