Monday, October 20, 2008

Sunday Night at the Rink

We had a great weekend around the Phillips house. My Parents were down from Up North to do the Grand-Parent thing and we got to watch my Sister Debbie play in her first hockey game. She was so excited and the family was right there to support her. Everyone went her husband and 2 kids, our parents, me and my husband, her friend Wendy and her 2 girls and her buddy from work. She looked no worse the half the ladies out there, of course the comparrison is womens mini-mite hockey. Ha ha ha. I think it's tougher then she thought.

She had a little trouble stopping once and ran into the boards right below us. And she knew it before she even hit them and was already laughing and smiling at herself. I'm sure with practice she'll get better. Some of those other girls I'm not sure practice will help but it's a good laugh for the rest of us. She told us before the game she had one goal.......a trip to the box. She is a Szczepanic and has a reputation to uphold. We'll she didn't make it to the box but she made it look easy getting to the bench at the end of her shift. Way to go Debbie we're really proud of you. You are not as "Horrible" as your son said you were.

Such style and grace I can hardly contain myself.

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