Sunday, October 26, 2008

Good Dog???

Well that is a question not always easily answered. We had a really busy weekend and it started off with me going to work Friday morning. I left the house about 9:15am and asked our neighbor Julie to let Spencer out about lunch time. Imagine poor Julie's surprise when she entered my kitchen and found the dog belly deep in stuffing and cedar chips from his new dog bed. He spent the afternoon with the neighbors and I had to clean up the mess before I went off to work my hockey game. He must have been mad at us all weekend because that wasn't the only thing he chewed on. We installed the new dishwasher and he thought he'd inspect the insulation about the old one. Everyone needs to find insulation scattered about their yard. And then as if he hadn't been busy enough he tried to inspect the guts of his bed again today. He knows he's guilty cause as soon as you catch him he's tucked his tail and is off to hide. I love my puppy but if he doesn't improve his ways soon he my find himself sleeping on the cold hard plastic in the bottom of his crate. Lets hope his manners improve soon, like today!

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