Saturday, May 16, 2009

And it begins....

I want to give everyone the full picture of how Desperate our living room is. Brendan thought we should mess up the house a little more and then call "Clean House". God I love my kid. "Um NO!" We'll just clean it up ourselves. And while were at it lets "REMODEL"! Yeah. I've been waiting a long time, 7 years to be exact. And we started today. Had to move a bunch of stuff around and throw a lot of junk out. But we did manage to get a good start on emptying out our living room.

We got side tracked by hockey games and Free Tiger tickets. So tomorrow we'll finish and just maybe Rob will get to start his "Demo".

The look on Rob's face we priceless when I said, "We MUST empty everything out of this room before we knock down any walls!" His response "Oh". Yes we will empty it and hang plastic over the doorways to prevent dust scattering everywhere. I can't wait. We have 3 weeks to get the plaster down and the drywall up and painted. My folks will be here to do the fireplace in 3 weeks. That's good, we have a deadline.

Tomorrow I'll post the empty room shots. Now that will be entertaining.

(Don't ya just love the paneling and the deer head? And please don't forget about the dingy red brick on the fireplace. Makes my skin crawl just looking at the photo.)

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