Sunday, May 17, 2009

Take me out to the ... ball game..take me....

out to the crowd. Buy me some Tiger tickets ($30 ea) and some hot dogs and pop (4 dogs, 4 drinks $38). I don't care if we ever get back to Garden City. What a good time we had. The Tigers took on the Athletics and won 9-1. YEAH Tigers! These two boys had such a good time. And there were fireworks after the game.

The funniest part of the evening was when this group of 20 something Canadians moved down into our section late in the game. They were just geeked to be sitting so close. And as people left they moved right down to the front row. Proceeded to take so photos to commemorate their good fortune and then they started heckling the Athletics. Giambi to be specific. Ripped on him for everything, from steroid use to not getting a hit. Then they started telling poor Kennedy to let Giambi know was a "Bum Aye!" Oh my who says Bum? Then they almost got booted for sitting on the dugout roof. Kevin the crowd management guy told them it was a $2000 fine and 90 days in jail if they did. Opps! That changed their minds quickly. They were very funny in a good natured way and kept their lauguage clean for the kids.

Brendan ate the place out of house and home. He started with a bratt then had peanuts, moved on to a pretzel and finished the night off with cotton candy. Yum. Yes he complained of a stomach ache later.

Rob and Andrew enjoyed the evening. Andrew was impressed with our seats. We sat 16 rows behind the visitor dug out. Thanks to Mrs. Moy. They were her season tickets.

And me you ask? Well I got to see my favorite player. Curtis Granderson. Love his class and style. has everything to do with how he wears his pants and socks...just love the look.

Thanks for a wonderful evening, compliments of the Detroit Tigers.

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