Monday, May 11, 2009

Fun Finds

Mega Meet weekend is CRAZZZZZY! I helped set up our booth on Wednesday. Spent 6 hours unpacking boxes and merchandising. My feet and hands hurt by the end of the day. Then Thursday the mayhem began. We were so busy from them time I walked into the store at 1 till I left at 9. The worst part of it was we were open till midnight. Poor Katie closed and then opened with me Friday morning.

We found 3 opened Slice cartridge boxes dumped in the clearance zone late Thursday evening. At $39.99 each that's quite a hit for us. Then on Friday we found 6 Copic marker Nib replacement pkgs. At $5.99 each that's another 30 bucks. Then Saturday we found a couple more things. It's so sad that people who are preserving their family memories feel the need to steal from us. If that's what we found imagine what we didn't. We really needed more people manning the store but alas we didn't have the man power.

On Saturday I did manage a couple hours to browse the meet for some scrappy deals. Here's what I found.

These wonderful stamps from Stamps by Judith. I fell in love with the bear in the trash can. I've seen this a few times, always entertaining.

Some Basic Gray paper I didn't own. I haven't been in love with it for very long and needed to pick up these to fill in the collection.

And finally a line we don't carry by a company called Jillibean. LOVE it! Even bought some embellishments to go with it.

Over all a bit disappointed in Mega Meet once again. Lots of premade page kits. Like isn't that why we scrapbook, to create our own pages? I don't know. Not thrilled with crappy looking page kits, I can tell you that much. So glad it only cost me to park and not get in. Over all I think I spent less then $120 and that includes $86 on the stamps. I've spent why more in the past. But I must say I love the stamps.

I'm glad it's over and won't happen again for at least a year. My feet and brain were dead by Saturday night. We won't even talk about how short my patience was by late Saturday night. But I will tip my hat to my co-worker Sue. She's awesome and I hope her Sunday went well.

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