Tuesday, May 19, 2009

LOOK! Quick....

It may never happen again. My work space being this cleaned off and pristine.

Rob, being the wonderful husband that he is, installed my new shelves Sunday night. So I immediately had to clean the space up and fill the shelves. It's things I use everyday and need close at hand but not on the work surface.

I even vacuumed the floor and threw some things away. Felt good. We are participating in a city wide garage sale this Saturday and I will need my work table for display space. So I think I'm also going to put my old PC in the basement and move the Ikea desk it was on into the scrap room and make it the new work surface. It's a bit smaller but maybe that will help in keeping it cleaner.

Change is good. Right? Yes. All this goes hand in hand with the Living room remodel. More change.


Jingle said...

It looks wonderful and ready to be made messy!!! LOL!

Anonymous said...

wow come do that to my space... :)