Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What? More paneling?

Well we finally got all the furniture moved out and into the garage/upstairs and Rob couldn't wait to begin demo. First he ripped off the mantel and look the paneling was cut to fit around the mantel. Well who would do that?

And then as the knotty pine panels came down we found ohh more paneling. But this time the cheap stuff. Oh and it was supported by 2x4's. Come on, Really? When it all came down we found that they had built the wall out a good 4-6"s. Can you say HillBilly construction?

It's down and the dumpster comes Thursday. Next step remove our baseboard heating and then the old plaster comes off. Let the real mess begin! This project is already a bit behind schedule. OK my schedule not Rob's, he probably doesn't have one. My parents come Tuesday June 2nd and they are in for a little more work then maybe they thought. Sorry Mom. I'll cook really well that week and make it up to them. Can you say Brownies and Cake? Maybe throw some cookies in. Dad will be ok.

Right now I'm waiting for the cable guy to come and fix the box so we get all the channels and not just the ones over 99. Yes yesterday brought may strange things. Who knew.

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