Saturday, May 2, 2009

Long day......

My really long day actually started yesterday. I worked at the store last night till midnight and then couldn't go to sleep last. So I think I might have gotten 4 hours and had to head right back in to open today. I got lucky and only had to stay till 2. But it's National Scrapbook Day and we had a 50% off coupon so we were swamped. And did I mention it was only Katie and I? Busy, busy, busy, no breaks today. We really could have used another body, but we made it. Then it was off to pick up Brendan and head to his first baseball game as a bronco level player. He got drafted by the Athletics and is playing for Coach Widmer. Game time 4:30, actual start time 5:20. Yep almost an hour behind schedule. Oh well.

B says "put me in Coach I'm ready to play!" He was a little nervous when we got in the car to go to the game. Worried about batting, fielding no problem. He knows if he can just get on base he's all set.

His first at bat and he walked.

Didn't spend much time at first and he was off to second with a stolen base.

He would go 0 for 1 today with 2 walks, 2 runs and 3 stolen bases. He also made two great plays while playing second base. The other team didn't hit the ball really well so our fielding was minimal but when B needed to make a play he can through with shinning colors.

"Here catch Mom, coach made me player of the game. I get the game ball."

Final score Athletics 12 - Mets 3.


Bruna Matos said...

good game!

Stacey Olson said...

great to see such athletic kids. I am sure you will make (scrapbook) something wonderful.