Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More Scrap Camp Layouts.

Here's the one page layouts I did over the weekend. This first one might be my favorite. I don't usually scrap myself, for some reason I'm never in the pictures. Humm wonder how that happens. We made one of the kids take our pic on the Beach in Gulf Shores.

This next one really needs no explanation.

These two are really Best Buds. They are cousins and only 6 months apart in age. Our backyard can really flood if we plug up the drain. In the winter of 08 we had the biggest sheet of Ice I've ever seen. The boys lived out there and it happened while they were off school on mid winter break.

Even the bigger kids got in on the act. We had a couple guys over from the Ice Dogs Jr. team and they spent the day skating and goofing around. We built a fire later in the day, we needed a place to warm up.

So much to scrap and so little time. I really could use another weekend soon. But all I'm going to get is a day. This Saturday we are "Croppin for Cougars" at Garden City HS, raising $$ for the girls cross country team.

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