Thursday, January 1, 2009

A clean start.

Well I decided to start the new year with a good cleaning spree. I think I failed in a big way in 08' when it came to keeping up with the cleaning. So Jan 1st was a good day to begin the cleaning process. Brendan asked to move his Wii upstairs and I said only if you help me clean things up. Up we went and a big trash bag later we finished his living room and his bedroom. Yeah! I kind of got started yesterday with the bathroom and today finished with my bedroom. I still need to clean up my scrap room but thats coming cause I'm going for a weekend in 2 weeks. I'm hoping that with using the orange oil on all the wood surfaces that will help cut down on the dust. Maybe if I can keep it cleaner I will be able to breath better. Tomorrow will bring some wall washing up there and then next week I'll move to the main floor.

2008 was a rough year for me. I'm ready to make some changes and move forward instead of standing still. So my resolution for 2009 is to keep up with the house work. Today was a good day.

Good luck with your New Years Resolutions.

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Unknown said...

Good for you!! {come do my house next ;)} I hope you have a great 2009. Happy New Year!!