Friday, January 30, 2009

TGIF...or maybe not.

I would be happy it's Friday if it wasn't followed by Saturday. Tomorrow is going to be crazy for me. I made it better by skipping the hockey game in Midland tonight. Bus should get back about 3am. Ouch! I work Saturday morning at 9:45. I needed more sleep to make it through and 8 1/2 hr day and then hit Kaiti's play. She's in WestSide Story. She's a Jet's girl. I can't wait.

But today I'm chillin till I have to go work the Basketball game. I did finish up a card for the AMR card challenge. I sent it to my Niece Lauren. She's been very sick this week. Bronchitis and Strep throat with a high fever. Poor kid. I'm hoping the card cheers her up.

I also worked on my 52 Weeks layouts. I've got to finish week 2 and then do week 4. As it's here right now. Maybe later tonight.

I also managed to finish and fold 2 loads of laundry. So not a total waste of a day, just a relaxing one.

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