Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wonderful cause.

I follow Taylored Expressions Blog and today she was all excited about a new blog design and a new banner. She contacted a friend of a friend who did it for her. The ladies name is Karen, she's a graphic designer and the blog banners and blinkies are a pet project. Her work is fabulous.

Nancy has decided that she'd like to continue creating blog banners, sidebar labels, and watermarks, but with a little twist! Instead of the standard payment for services rendered, she will design your blog banner and a watermark in exchange for a minimum $50 donation to Sick Kids, Canadian Immunodeficiency Society, Starlight Foundation, or a children's hospital in your area. Nancy's son, Henri, made an amazing recovery from a bone marrow transplant and an underlying immune disease with much thanks to Sick Kids. Now that Henri is better, Nancy is hoping to be able to raise some money for Sick Kids and other organizations who help children with similar diseases. If you'd like to contact Nancy about helping you with a new blog design, leave a comment on her blog or email her at

Check out more of Nancy's banner designs on these blogs:

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I think this is very note worthy endeavor and wanted you all to know. If your interested give her a shout. It would be money well spent.

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jessicamae3 said...

That is a very cool exchange! Thanks for sharing this with us!!!